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So went up to Cambridge over the weekend and did slightly less dancing than was originally planned.

thethirdvoice was ill the end of last week, so spent Friday evening and Saturday at hers instead. She wouldn't let me put a nurses outfit on though :-(

So, instead of going to Moira's birthday, St. Neot's with Molly and atreic and emporer's wedding ceilidh (belated apologies - sounds to have gone really well), we stayed home and watched DVDs and did things like that.

Was nice to see thethirdvoice again though (Argh, I hate all this long distance stuff) and after last weekend perhaps one with a little less dancing was what I needed.

On Sunday thethirdvoice was feeling a bit better so we went to the Molly practice. Was fun again, they all seem to have relaxed a bit for some reason (who knows why, but it's got to be a good thing). Looks like Chippenham might be great fun after all.

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