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Election Results

So the council's now entirely made up of conservative and labour


Guess that's what happens when no-one hands out any propaganda, it comes down entirely to what's broadcast about parties on the media (which obviously is mainly focused on the two main parties). What's more worrying, if that's the case, is that that means the council was elected on national issues rather than local ones.

Was utterly bewildered by the independent candidate who was standing, is he expecting people to vote for him based entirely on just his name alone? Surely if you're independent it becomes even more important to let people know what your policies are?

So, neither of the candidates I voted for got in meaning my votes didn't count for anything. Our electrol system is a bit ridiculous really. Why on earth do we round everything off before adding it all up? No one who voted for other parties is now represented, even though looking at the council's website there were a reasonable proportion of votes towards some other parties. That's got to be a bad thing.


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5th May, 2006 07:43 (UTC)
So you mean that you think we should have a proportional rather than majoritarian system? I think there are pros and cons for both.
6th May, 2006 11:45 (UTC)
There are pros and cons to everything.

However, I think the most important thing in a government is for it to be representative of the people. The majoritarian one fundamentally isn't.
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6th May, 2006 11:49 (UTC)
Much as I dislike the BNP and strongely disagree with their policies. There are a small minority who think like that and their equally entitled to be represented in parlament.

It's more the responsibility of those of us who hold the opposite view to make those clear then to stop the BNP voicing theirs.
5th May, 2006 13:53 (UTC)
Our voting system is very likely to return a single party with control of whichever level of government it's operating on. Proportional representation will only do so if more than half the voters support a single party - this is fairly rare. Under a PR system, almost any government will have to be some kind of coalition. Coalitions have their own set of problems, which don't appear to be any less severe than our own.
6th May, 2006 11:50 (UTC)
Yes PR isn't perfect, nothing is.

However, it is more representative, which I feel is the most fundamental requirement for a government.
6th May, 2006 17:29 (UTC)
There's no point in having a representative government if it is completely paralysed and unable to make any decision. And the decisions it manages to make are probably big compromises, and don't really make anyone happy.
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