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Election Results

So the council's now entirely made up of conservative and labour


Guess that's what happens when no-one hands out any propaganda, it comes down entirely to what's broadcast about parties on the media (which obviously is mainly focused on the two main parties). What's more worrying, if that's the case, is that that means the council was elected on national issues rather than local ones.

Was utterly bewildered by the independent candidate who was standing, is he expecting people to vote for him based entirely on just his name alone? Surely if you're independent it becomes even more important to let people know what your policies are?

So, neither of the candidates I voted for got in meaning my votes didn't count for anything. Our electrol system is a bit ridiculous really. Why on earth do we round everything off before adding it all up? No one who voted for other parties is now represented, even though looking at the council's website there were a reasonable proportion of votes towards some other parties. That's got to be a bad thing.

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