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Ethics of Research Involving Animals

Been back to the Dana Centre again tonight for a discussion about research on Animals. It was quite tame really, considering the controversial nature of the topic.

Still feel strongly that no matter how much suffering is relieved in other creatures (human or animal) as a result of said tests this cannot justify any suffering deliberately induced within the tests. We can go down the line of argument that a particular test will help find a cure for a particular nasty disease, but there will always be another nasty disease. You cannot undo any harm done to the animal within the test.

One interesting point raised was how you don't get the same level of controversy about the use of animals in the food industry. I think this must be because food issues are much closer to home and any change in the use of animals for food would effect the day to day lives of most of the population in a far more obvious way then animal testing for research would.

Back to the Dana Centre tomorrow, tasting wine amongst other things.

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