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Cloud of interests for hmmm_teahmmm_tea

2-4-6 trichloroanisole arena bagpuss bedlam beer being a mathmo blue string pudding board games board-games boka halat bonzo dog books border morris breadcrumbs and butter beans cabbages cake calculus cambridge cambridge university card games cats ceilidh ceilidh dancing ceilidhs charity shops cheese children's books coathangers colourful stuff computers contra contra dancing cookery cooking corkscrews custard dana centre dancing differential equations douglas adams drinking tea drop dead fred e-learning eating education fiddlin' around folk folk dance folk dancing folk festivals folk music folk rock french dancing games gin gog magog molly harry potter heckety henry vacuum cleaners hideous complexity hillwalking hobnobs ivfdf jaffa cakes jiggerypipery king crimson la bottine souriante lbv port levellers lewis carol linux logic london marillion marmalade marmite mathematics maths molly molly dancing monty python monty python's flying circus morris morris dancing mr bungle nanowrimo neil gaiman non-smoking northern lights opeth pedagogy pedantry pembroke college pet pixies philip k dick physics pink floyd plants playford playford dancing playing games port procrastinating procrastination prog rock radio 4 random random stuff randomness rapper rapper dancing rapper sword dancing rapper swords reading real ale red leicester roald dahl romanesca romanesca cauliflowers samovars science science fiction shiney samovars shiny things stilton stocai stomp stuff system of a down tawny port tea tea and cake they might be giants thrales rapper trees unix van der graaf generator vegetarian veggieness vintage port walking webpages wensleydale whapweasel whoops apocalypse wild hunt bedlam morris wine wine tasting winnie-the-pooh wombles

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Created by lazy_nekolazy_neko

I'm guessing that the size of the font represents how common the interests are? It seems weird that my main interests being all the folkie stuff are all quite small whereas the bigger ones are more "oh yes that's quite interesting I suppose" sort of things. hmmm... weird!

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