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Easter, Holidays, Chelmsford and lots of Dancing

I took some time off work this week in order to spend it with thethirdvoice before she started back next term.

Travelled up to Chelmsford on Tuesday and met her family, who seem very nice (and don't seem to think I'm antisocial - yey! or at least I hope not...). So have had exciting tours of Chelmsford, Colchester and Boreham, which would be all new and exciting except I've apparently been to Chelmsford before (although I don't remember it as I was very young).

There was a clock museum in Colchester which was very exciting (yey clocks!) and had a nice tour under the castle. Was a bit bewildered as the man on the desk at the castle tried to persuade us that if we went on the tour we wouldn't have enough time to look around the museum in the castle properly, which was odd as I certainly felt that the tour was the most interesting bit.

Came back to London on Thursday having packed all thethirdvoice's stuff up ready to go back to Cambridge. Liverpool Street in the middle of rush hour is very lovely (honest!).

Thursday evening was Kerry's last appellachian class and we did a performance for Old Palace at the end of it to show them what we'd been up to. thethirdvoice brought her tap shoes and had a go too and got it all scarily quickly, but then I knew she would... Was fun, although it's a shame it's now all over.

Friday was the kneesup with the Bismarks at C# house. I'm generally not that big a fan of the Bismarks, but they were really good this time and it was a great time.

Yesterday, we performed with Molly at C# house which was weird and scarey (I'm going to post about it separately I think, because I've been thinking about it quite a lot since). thethirdvoice and I didn't stay for the dance afterwards as it was Jenny's party, so we made our excuses and left. Or at least we tried to... The Northern Line was broken so took us ages to figure out buses find the stop and get away.

And so it's now today. thethirdvoice has gone home ready to go back to Cambridge, it's wet, I'm very tired and slightly hungover. Well, I suppose every day can't be a good day and I've had a really fun week.

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