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Notes to Self...

(a) Never use the word natural in any context where it's likely to need to be defined otherwise everyone will tell you how everything in the whole wide world isn't natural item by item...

(b) If you hear something on the radio that you think is an example that will highlight what you feel about something think first before using it as you're original point might get completely devoured by the example

Argh! Outnumbered!

Run Away!


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30th Mar, 2006 19:29 (UTC)
think first

Good summery :-)

If you want to debate "should we use potentially dangerous new technological developements to counter things that we could just survive by suffering and having a good stiff upper lip" you should make sure your technological development is new and potentially more dangerous than the alternatives, and that the thing you are belittling is something you are convinced you could suffer through with a stiff upper lip :-)
30th Mar, 2006 19:42 (UTC)
I'm sure "dangerous" is another one of those words like natural. Dangerous to who?

My point was that wasn't quite what my other point was.

Tying in with what I've already said on animal testing, we want to make life perfect no matter what the cost is and will do anything to get that. Nature can generally take care of itself, why not let it and only intervene when necessary.

OK, I take your previous point that my choice of examples was flawed by the fact that we've already had to meddle (for good reasons admittedly) and are just trying to fix the result, so hence a bad example. However, I still stand by my original point, even if the same isn't true for my choice of example.
31st Mar, 2006 09:20 (UTC)
You like Caffeine right? I've just found this which you might like! http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/buzzaire.shtml?cpg=28H
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