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erm... tea...

I suspected for a while that I might actually be addicted to caffeine. The fact that when I don't have a cup of tea first thing in the morning, I end up having a splitting headache and get very grumpy until I do have one seems to indicate that.

Think I should probably do something about that (although I have no intention of giving up tea completely forever - that wouldn't be a good idea....). Apparently you can completely kick a caffeine addiction in two weeks (to the extent that brain waves revert to their uncaffeinated state).

Have been trying to cut down over the past few days (only had 3 cups on Monday and 2 today), think I might see how grumpy I get with none tomorrow.

no tea for hmmm_tea :-(


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29th Mar, 2006 06:48 (UTC)
You can buy decaffeinated tea...
The decaffeination process doesn't bear too much close examination and I don't know wat it tastes like, but it might be worth a try.

30th Mar, 2006 00:49 (UTC)
I find this very odd. I mean, firstly you've been addicted to tea ever since I knew you and you first started forcing tea upon me so I don't understand why you've suddenly become aware of this yourself. Second, you seem to be giving up simply because you're addicted to it, not for particular other health reasons. It kind of reminds me of you "natural" argument, as if you're hung up on the idea of being "addicted" not concerned about other aspects of your "addiction". Caffeine is dodgy, yes (do you remember those spider's web experiments? http://www.cannabis.net/weblife.html http://www.biopsychiatry.com/chloralhydrate.html ) but unless you’re suffering severe negative effects surely it makes sense just to cut back and have 3 cups a day rather than giving up altogether and undergoing a withdrawal (your teeth will fall out and your hair will turn into broccoli, see http://www.newstarget.com/003428.html) whose symptoms will probably be inflicted on those around you as much as yourself. After all, as you were always so fond of telling me, tea contains lots of things which are pretty good for you.
Oh and I wouldn't try decaffinated as the processes used as mentioned above really make it worse than the caffeine (your teeth will grow back in your scalp to replace the green hair that fell out earlier..just like the tiny denticles in the skin of a shark so noone will ever be able to stroke you on the head again).
30th Mar, 2006 08:28 (UTC)
"Onset of these symptoms typically occurs within 12 to 24 hours of stopping caffeine and peaks one to two days after stopping," Griffiths tells WebMD. "The duration is between two and nine days."

The last time I had caffeine was when I got home from work on Tuesday, so this implies I'm probably either past the peak or just about at there. At which point it's now probably better just to see it through.
30th Mar, 2006 18:43 (UTC)
forcing tea upon me

I didn't really force it, did I?
31st Mar, 2006 05:13 (UTC)
It would be difficult to hang around with you and not consume tea. Put it that way. I don't think you can comprehend how it is to not really like tea very much..
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