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Mother's Day

I'm sure I must have hit this issue in the past, but can't for the life of me think what I did about it last year.

Given that Mum's a Jehoviah's Witness and so shuns commercial festivals and things like Christmas and Easter, what do I do about mother's day?

Poll #690946 Mother's Day

I Should... ?

Ignore mother's day, as it's a commercial festival and it would be more respectful towards Mum's beliefs to treat it as a normal Sunday
Don't ignore it, she's still my Mum and it's worth acknowledging that


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14th Mar, 2006 19:40 (UTC)
Do something nice for her and don't tell her it's because it's Mother's Day.
15th Mar, 2006 00:48 (UTC)
Yeah. If you could get in early, before then, it'd be nicest.
14th Mar, 2006 21:56 (UTC)
One of my best friends is a JW and although they decline to celebrate commercial festivals, particularly those which purport to be Christian but which are essentially pagan, it doesn't mean they're all po-faced. They have personal celebrations. For example my friend always had their wedding anniversary as the big family celebration of the year.

So I'd agree that it's nice to acknowledge your mother. And it would be nicer if you could do it in a way that doesn't reek of the traditional commercial Clinton's Cards style Mothers Day. Not sure how you'd do that, but I guess you know what she'll enjoy best.
14th Mar, 2006 22:14 (UTC)
ignore mother's day. but still acknowledge her. maybe pick another day, or something :)
15th Mar, 2006 07:46 (UTC)
You could just ask her whether she'd like you to do anything for her... If you wanted to give her a surprise you don't have to tell her what you're planning.
15th Mar, 2006 15:46 (UTC)
If I was having to deal with a situation like this, I'd probably still send a card and a gift, but I wouldn't send a card that specifically referred to Mother's Day. I'd probably use a blank card or a thank you card and just let her know I appreciate all the things she's done for me over the years.

If you do decide to send a card, you could say in it that you realise that she doesn't celebrate commercial/religious festivals and that if she would prefer you not to do anything for Mother's Day in the future, to let you know. That way at least you know where you stand. I also suspect that even if she doesn't want a fuss making over the day, she'd be happier knowing you'd remembered her, rather than being in the situation where she doesn't know if you're respecting her beliefs or whether you've just forgotten what day it is.
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