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How To Make An Omlette?

How do you make an omlette?

Am curious to know how everyone else does it now, as Lisa and I do it in completely different ways.

I also know lots of people who just fry them one side, turn them over and fry the other (pancake style).

How to make an omlette - Lisa style

Beat eggs
Heat oil in pan
Fry at high heat until solidified
add filling
fold and serve

How to make an omlette - Owen style

Beat eggs very thoroughly
Heat marg in pan
Fry at low heat until beginning to solidify underneath
add filling
place under low-moderate grill until top solidifies and turns golden
fold and serve

What's everyone else do then?


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5th Mar, 2006 20:59 (UTC)
turn oil on in pan. check LJ.
chop up some sweet pepper and put in pan.
beat eggs. possibly grate a little cheese in.
grate some more cheese onto a plate. may have to wash up a clean plate.
if oil is very sputtery/pepper is going black, turn down a bit.
pour egg into pan.
fry for a short time at whatever heat pan is now on until bored or starting to solidify. add some more cheese.
carry on frying until the egg looks mostly cooked, or smoke rises from the bottom, or bored, or return from nipping next door to check LJ. the cheese will still be liquid.
attempt to roll up and dump on plate, dripping cheese and oil everywhere. try and get all the cheese onto all the omelette, but not too much oil. pour off the spare oil for re-use.
put frying pan under tap while still hot so it does that delightful hissy thing.

but, exact methods vary quite a bit depending on what I'm trying to cook with it and therefore what I'm already doing in the kitchen, etc.
5th Mar, 2006 21:26 (UTC)
I do it ina variety of ways, but it HAS to go under the grill, or it doesn't get puffy/.
5th Mar, 2006 21:47 (UTC)
Fry it on both sides until it gives up!
You have to mix the cheese in thoroughly beforehand otherwise it goes all crisped on one side and not as nice.
6th Mar, 2006 15:15 (UTC)
Beat eggs with a splash of water & seasoning
Heat butter in pan
Fry at a medium heat, pulling the cooked edges to the centre with a fork, to ensure even cooking
Add filling just before the top has set to allow it to heat up and melt (if it's cheese), turn the heat down to ensure the bottom doesn't scorch
Fold & serve

By the way, didn't realise we shared such similar tastes in music, first Marillion, then Queensryche (you mean someone else has heard of them!) and now Iron Maiden - love the track Hooks In You from that album :-)
10th Mar, 2006 14:54 (UTC)
Whisk an egg, and half an egg shell full of water per egg and a bit of salt and pepper, until unfeasibly fluffy. Heat fryingpan, add a drop of oil (not olive oil - it smokes at too low a temperature), add egg mix, once bottom has solidified, and the top is just a little runny, add filling and fold over. It will cook out in it's own heat.
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