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A Bizarre Form Of Torture...

I chipped one of my front teeth, falling off my bike, when I was about 11 or 12 (or something like that - remember doing it, just not when it was).

When I got back from Kings Cross this evening, I noticed that all the stuff the dentist had used to build it up again has gone... bother!

Tooth now very sensitive. It hurts to drink tea! This must be one of the most bizarre forms of torture someone could have thought up for me...

Going up to Penrith at the end of the week. I'm still registered with my old dentist up there, so I'm hoping to be able to get an appointment with him to get it sorted (probably a lot cheaper than getting it done in London). Must find myself a dentist down here at some point really, but I never get motivated to do so as whenever I go to the Dentist he only tells me to come back for another check up in a year, so tend to still go in Penrith.

In the meantime, guess it's just got to be cold tea drank slowly :-(


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5th Mar, 2006 23:27 (UTC)
Could you drink hot tea through a straw, thus bypassing the offending tooth?
Tea, dammit!
6th Mar, 2006 15:05 (UTC)
I still go to my Optician in North Shields, so going to Penrith to see a Dentist seems perfectly normal to me. It probably is cheaper up there and if they're still happy to keep you on their books I'd stick with them as long as you can. Finding a new Dentist down here could be difficult, I've not been to a Dentist for over 18 months, through no longer being registered with one. (I always feel extra guilty about it though as both my parents were Dentists)
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