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So following the tour of Wood Green stayed over at Clive's and had a day of practice ready for DERT on Saturday.

Spent most of the morning going over stepping with Kate from Camden Clog which was really useful. I'm sure it's helped no end to break it down and think about the whole movement.

The afternoon was spent going through the DERT dance figures, recording them on video and watching them back to see what needed improving. It's certainly coming on now (I'm not actually in the DERT set as I've only really just joined the team, but it's been interesting seeing it come together).

After that Lisa came down for the rest of the weekend :-)

Spent today having a relaxing day in the flat while Lisa did some of her engineering work, which was nice. Went to feed the ducks in South Norwood Country Park (something I keep meaning to do - like the swimming, except they haven't knocked the duck pond down...) before heading up to Kings Cross so Lisa could get her train back to Cambridge.

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