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Thrales Tour Of Wood Green

On Friday, Thrales toured Wood Green.

The Goose

Only met up here. Not bad pub, London Pride at £1.50 a pint, so not bad on price. Would have facinated sociologists, there was a definite age gradient as you worked your way from one end of the pub to the other. The density of people and noise levels increased towards the younger end.

Didn't dance here - Carpet.

The Jolly Anglers

Had a DJ here playing hard rock music. Mainly carpeted, but had wooden floor down by the pool tables, so that's where we danced. Very appreciative audience.

Yates's Wine Lodge

Not the best of audiences here. They seemed to enjoy it, but you don't tend to get people cheering you on in Wine bars so much (they film you on mobiles instead, which is nice, but doesn't help urge you on in the same way).

3 pubs I can't remember the names of

All went reasonably ok. The landlady at the first of the 3 was very keen on us and had obviously seen us on previous tours (she kept going on about the tumble when we arrived and how she missed it last time).

The Gate

DJ and loud dance music when we arrived. Not a bad pub, if a little noisey. The DJ decided to put a dance beat behind us halfway through the dance which was very off putting. Audience were very appreciative though and it turned out to be quite a good spot.

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