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I think the word is Marvellous...

Yes, definitely marvellous.

So, went to IVFDF this weekend. Had taken everything to work so I could go straight from there and be early to help setup. Was getting a lift with Rosie.

However, having got to Archway, I prompt walked about halfway down Holloway Road thinking "this doesn't quite look familiar". Eventually rang Rosie to ask where I was going:
Me - Am outside the Esso Garage
Rosie - Esso Garage? ...oh ...walk back to Archway and take (other road)

Then spent some time talking to Rosie over tea before setting off about 6ish. We then spent a few minutes walking round the local streets trying to find Rosie's car. Arrived at IVFDF at about 9pm in the end, when I was supposed to be doing my first stewarding post.

After dumping stuff and collecting tickets, etc, spent 1 hour on car park duty, to tell all the non-existant cars that came to the upper school that the car park was full and guide them to the lower school. Wasn't bad really, if a little cold...

Headed onto the Stömp ceilidh after that, only to find the whole Sports Hall emptied as I walked through the door (to a drum beat as well)... hmmm...

Late night dancing was fun too. Lisa spent some time teaching me to piroette, with only some degree of success. Tried to teach her the Mazurka (she said she'd never done it before), but having told her how it went just pretty much picked up straight away! I'm sure it took me ages to learn how to Mazurka... Very scary!

Saturday saw lots of fun workshops.

Am very glad Michael's Ukranian workshop went well, having asked him if he was interested in doing it. He was a bit worried in advance that as it was first thing on Saturday morning, he'd only get about 6 people wanting to do it. In the end he had about 60! They all seemed to enjoy it as did Michael and Sarah by the looks of things.

Went to Dan's percussive improvisation workshop after that. It basically consisted of Dan, Lisa and the woman who lead the applachian workshop on Sunday knowing what they were doing and the rest of us being fairly clueless. Was fun though.

After that went to "A Chance to Dance" as it sounded so vague I was curious. In the end it turned out to be just scary! I do worry when people take ceilidh dances that seriously! Surely the whole point is to have fun...

Wondered over to the craft fair to have a look around (even if I can't really afford any nice new instruments, besides which should learn the whistle I've got first) and said hello to the_gwenzilliad who was on the EFDSS stall.

Also met ylla during the festival, if very briefly.

Went to lunch down the Robin Hood with Rosie, Lisa and Martin afterwards which was nice and saved us worrying about the queues at the food Tent in the festival.

Display ceilidh was quite fun. Liked the round display with all the ghosts, it certainly seemed to get a few laughs from the audience!

Helped clearing the hall and setting up for the Junction 24 ceilidh before running off for the Molly display practice.

After that spent some time in the Junction 24 ceilidh and then Boka Halat once it had started.

Then got pretty much distracted by Lisa for the rest of the evening *whistles innocently*, well until she went home at midnight.

Molly display seemed to go really well. Was good to see the new Oompa Loompa dance, which looks pretty good (even if I am slightly biased due to being part of the side), particularly impressed with the double hey thing (why is it always the most simple figures that look the most effective?).

Black swan were also on form. Must admit I was impress with there lead into the tumble - out into line with swords in front, 2 and 4 jump over the swords in front of them, 3 does similarly and then tumbles backwards over it.

Sunday saw flatfooting followed by appalachian which meant for very tired legs by the end of it all. Then went onto the Rapper workshop. Was interesting to see how Black Swan have altered some of the traditional figures.

Survivors ceilidh was quite fun. Think having Stömp leading the scratch band lead to really good results. Having persuaded her to come up for the festival and then pretty much ignored her during the previous 2 evenings ceilidhs (couldn't find her in the ceilidh on Friday between dances and then got distracted on Saturday as previously mentioned), dance 2 or 3 with her to make up for it (although she didn't really mind anyway).

After that headed to Pembroke and dumped stuff in the guest room benparker had booked there. Was nice to have a shower using one not designed for migets. Am confused why the ones in the school were so low as you do get tall children at schools (or is Netherhall exclusively for dwarfs?). Then had tea with Joy and Becky and later joined by Granny, Jeremy and benparker who were all off for MA dinner at Pembroke.

Sunday evening went over to the Junction to see the CUTAZZ performace there, which Lisa was in. She claims not to be very good, but now I know differently :-)

So then today saw breakfast with benparker and Becky, tea with Dunstan, random charity shop shopping, lunch with Lisa and finally heading back to London with benparker.

Then got back and read the_gwenzilliad's comments, which were nice :-)

So all in all a very good weekend, even if 3 nights of very little sleep and lots of dancing as left me feeling fairly shattered.

Think general conclusions are that Lisas make for very happy Owens :-)

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