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As Nutty As A...

IVFDF cakes done...

Well I have a Red Wine Cake in the oven. Chateau Musar 1993 cake to be precise (at least that what it says on the bottle), but as it was the only open bottle of red I could find going spare at work, I suspect it's one of Joe's blends...

Also have a Westmorland Pepper Cake waiting to go in when that's done. Seem to have lost my recipe for Westmorland Pepper cake, which was awkward. Found another on the internet and then quadrupled the amount of pepper. Well the cake mixture was nice a fiery. That should warm up a morris dancer nicely after a bitterly cold Cambridge day...

Seem to have gone out a bought large amounts of Sultanas, Raisins and Currants... Which is odd as I only needed a small amount of the later two for the Pepper Cake...

Oh well, I blame mair_aw and Gina for putting the idea into my head.

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