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Noises by Me

Good practice with the Hunt tonight. Got to the Hall and we couldn't get the padlock on the gate to unlock.

Paul, Maryann and Jacky went down the Clocktower, didn't fancy going with them though because it's a horrible smokey pub and they had football on anyway.

In the end I headed over to the 2 Brewers with Tim and Megan. They're fairly folk friendly there so they could practice their melodeons. After about 15 minutes, I gave up came home and collected my whistle.

I'm not very good at the whistle (that's probably one of the hugest understatements I've ever made - I've had one for 2 years now and have hardly practiced at all in that time really), but having already had my arm twisted to bring it to IVFDF (have said it's staying in my bag...) I thought I might as well make horrible squeaky noises in the pub tonight as well rather than just sitting there.

They gave me the music to the hunts tunes to play from whilst they were practicing, but although I could just about follow where they were I couldn't translate that into whistle playing. After a while Tim started playing Shephard Hey (mainly because it was an easy one he thought I might be able to join in with), which I knew from playing around with the molly tunes on the odd occasion that I have had a go with my whistle. Once I remembered what I was doing, I could just play it and it was fun...

Tried to do the same with the Sportsman's Hornpipe later on (another I vaguely know from playing around with) and spent a while trying to figure out why what I was playing sounded wrong compared to them and what I was doing wrong to make it that way. Turned out they were playing in a different key...

So, in summary, I went to the pub, made some really horrible noises on a whistle and now I feel great!

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