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Out of date books

So, whilst sorting through the books for the library at work, there has obviously been a few that are now a little out of date (The Which? Wine Guide 1979, for example...)

I think the Portuguese and English dictionary I found today must take the award for being the most out of date though...

...the date at the bottom of the first page (The binding is quite damaged and the front cover is missing so this is what you see when you first look at it) is...



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17th Feb, 2006 07:48 (UTC)
I often go into schools to sort out their libraries. While I've never found a book quite that old, I've found some wonderful ones.

Computer books written in 1980... ("Some people think computers are just a passing fad.") Space books written in 1970... ("By the end of the twentienth century, man will have a permanent base on Mars.")

My second-favourite was a 60s book called something like, "Teaching football, for female teachers". It explained that there was no reason why women shouldn't teach football, but some of the more complicated rules would have to be left out, because their poor little brains couldn't cope with them.

The best one, though, was a book written in the 60s about how we will all be living in the year 2000. We won't have any furniture, since all houses will be made with moulded floors, complete with raised bits to sit on, and holes etc. There won't be any traffic on the roads, because everyone will work and study at home, using giant video screens.

The scary thing is that it had never once occurred to anyone that it wasn't a good thing to have such books on the open shelves in a school library.
18th Feb, 2006 11:11 (UTC)
I'm sure we had similarly out of date books in the library when I was a school...

I imagine they'll still be there...
17th Feb, 2006 18:59 (UTC)
Funny timing. My Valentine gift was a new (5th) edition of the World Atlas of Wine. I had currently owned another edition, the first edition. The difference between the two editions is amazing. The book has evolved into dropping spirits and a greatly expanding so much in the wine world, not just the new world, Spain has changed a lot too!

It's also funny to read the wine label pictures in the book. Things have changed so much in such a short time.
18th Feb, 2006 11:09 (UTC)
I'm currently fascinated by some of the older books which don't even mention the new world at all...
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