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15th Feb, 2006 15:38 (UTC)
What about freedom though?
This used to be a great thing about England... the freedoms of the individual outweighed the caprices of the state.

I might have to move. Or stand for Parliament.
15th Feb, 2006 19:09 (UTC)
Re: What about freedom though?

What about the freedom of people not to have to breath that stuff in if they don't want to?!?!

England has never had freedom, just pompous old traditions it's got stuck in for centuries! We need to move on, we need to change!

If they'd banned smoking all together then, yes, I'd agree with you.

As it is, they haven't. It just means smokers have to be more considerate for a change!
15th Feb, 2006 20:15 (UTC)
Re: What about freedom though?
I just don't see why the government decides...

If you don't want to go to a smoky pub, don't!

Whilst I think smoking is a filthy habit, and I hate sitting in smoky pubs, or more like the smell afterwards, why should people who want to smoke not be allowed to? Let them kill themselves. Evolution in action.

15th Feb, 2006 20:40 (UTC)
Re: What about freedom though?
I just don't see why the government decides...

OK, the government in unrepresentative of the people and is doomed to one or other of 2 almost identical parties being in power (both of which are far too right wing for my person tastes), but we won't go into that problem here.

The simple fact is we elect the government to govern and decide these things.

OK, I agree ideally we want freedom to do what we want to do, but that requires us to be considerate towards other people around us and smokers fundamentally aren't! How much effort does it take to step outside to have a quick smoke if you really want one?!

I'm a vegetarian, but I don't expect people to just stop eating meat around me when I'm in the room, why should smokers expect people to happily breath in their smoke?

Your arguements could equally apply to trains, the workplace or anywhere else that smoking has been phased out, why not pubs too?

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