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...I guess I have no shame then.

So, the first valentine's day in a while that I've single for and it was actually quite a fun day really. Didn't go to the Hunt practice (a lot of them went to the ceilidh in Brighton anyway so wouldn't have been such a great one), instead I went to the Dana Centre.

They had a interesting talk on Body Language followed by a practical demonstration in the form of...

...Speed Dating.

and it's actually lots of fun. OK, don't think I've met the love of my life there, but I never really thought I would. However, I did get to waffle with random strangers, which is always fun. In fact it was quite good to prove to myself that I'm perfectly capable of chatting with a complete stranger for 3 minutes about nothing at all and I don't have to close in on myself a be a completely shy and nervous wreck.

I had a really fun evening, so it seems strange that I wouldn't want to rush out to do it again. I think a lot of it is when speed dating first came about, as well as having the general laugh about "oh how could you ever judge whether someone is an ideal match in such a short space of time" and think the main thing that crossed my mind was that it has generally always taken me a while become comfortable around new people and open up to them. So, I think maybe a lot of what made me want to go was to just prove to myself that I could do it, even if I didn't know that in advance, and so now I have.

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