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Piano moving

This morning I went up to Archway to help Rosie retrieve her Piano from Willesden Green.

Hadn't quite realised quite how heavy Pianos are. Even with as many bits taken out as would come out it was still fairly weighty.

We had to tip it on it's end to get it out of the room it was in due to the tight corner. At that point it was just Rosie's Dad and I trying to manouevre it through the door (he had the bottom and I had the top). Really awkward as there is absolutely no where to grab hold of a piano on it's end (well at least not this one - my experiences of lifting pianos on there ends are fairly limited...). Unfortunately the top got slightly chipped as we carried it out the door.

After we got it out the door into the hall it was much easier as we could put it back upright again (yey! wheels!) and we could get all 4 of us round it to carry it out and into the Van.

The other bit of fun was getting it up the steep narrow flight of steps into Rosie's house. Although with 2 of us at the front and 3 at the back we actually got it up the stairs with relative ease (am quite amazed by that in retrospect).

Moving the big wooden cupboard out the way to clear space for was the real eye-opening when you felt how light it was in comparison.

Oh well, only a slight chip in the Piano and it did get moved which is the main thing.

Was amazed to find out she got the Piano free out of Loot and that apparently they have quite a lot given away in there. Would look for one myself given that, but I think I'm lacking room for one in my flat. Shall settle for my whistle instead for now, as it also has the bonus of being portable (I'm fairly sure I could carry it all by myself from Willesden Green to Archway!).


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12th Feb, 2006 19:54 (UTC)
Hadn't quite realised quite how heavy Pianos are
Haven't you seen Laurell and Hardy? :)
12th Feb, 2006 19:59 (UTC)
Re: Hadn't quite realised quite how heavy Pianos are
Not personally, they're both long dead aren't they?

(I don't think I've seen anything with them moving a piano either...)
13th Feb, 2006 00:51 (UTC)
Re: Hadn't quite realised quite how heavy Pianos are
It may have just been once, but it lodged indelibly in my mind: this film of them repeatedly pushing this piano up this hill...
15th Feb, 2006 21:34 (UTC)
Re: Hadn't quite realised quite how heavy Pianos are
Come to think of it, maybe that does ring a bell...
Dave Holland [org.uk]
13th Feb, 2006 12:47 (UTC)
It is thoroughly impressive to watch a couple of professional movers make light work moving a grand piano, especially when it's your own. (OK, it's a baby grand, but still.)

Chips can usually be avoided by having bits of blanket or carpet to pad the edges with.
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