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Just back from Tenterden. Fun informal festival, we could basically go and dance where we liked in the town during the day on Saturday until it was time for the procession in the afternoon.

From what everyone was saying, I think the number of sides at the festival is increasing. Which looking at how busy some of the spots may make the current arrangement unmanagable and may force the festival to arrange the spots for all the sides. Which would in some ways be a shame, but all the same it's good that it's getting more popular.

Some good music there too. Went and saw Ashley Hutchings and his new band The Rainbow Chasers last night. Hadn't heard them before, but was very impressed. They had a nice range of vocal styles and they used this to emphasise the different points in the songs, which was nice. Have CD.

Charity shops in Tenterden were fun. They all fill their window displays with instruments for the festival. Have come back with a small Djembe. It's got quite a good sound to it too. Am Happy.

Have taken it fairly easy with the dancing this weekend as I didn't want to push it too much after the operation, but definitely getting back into dancing now. Am very happy.

Ceilidh was a bit of a disappointment, but it wasn't really a ceilidh festival. As such there weren't many people there, which I think was the main problem with it. It was in a sports hall, so the acoustics were fairly crap too, but then again they hadn't done much to rectify this (crosses fingers to hope that the IVFDF committee will have done enough to sort this out for Cambridge...).

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