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Thrales Tour Of Smithfield

On Friday, Thrales were out and we did a tour of Smithfield.

Wasn't the best tour we've done, a few too many restaurants (you don't get as good a reaction in restaurants because people tend to want to eat rather than watch people jump over swords), but was still good fun. Think given the location and the fact it was a Friday night there was a lot more potential for a good tour there though.

Ye Old Mitre

Lovely little pub tucked down a back street near Holborn. Carpetted so can't dance inside, but we danced in the alleyway outside instead. Managed to drag quite a few punters out to watch too. I wasn't in this one as the main aim of the tour was to try and practice the DERT dance out and this was one of the few places where we had space.

Bleeding Heart

Don't bother trying to get a drink here, takes hours to get served. Nice wooden floor to dance on though. In the end we gave up on drinks and just danced, collected and left. Dance went ok, not the best of crowds, but they were ok.

Can't remember the name of the random restaurant

Next we went into a random restaurant, had to move some of the tables to clear a space to dance. The looks on some of the customers faces were quite amusing... It's interesting to see who people react to you interrupting their meals with a bit of rapper dancing! Anyway, needless to say we didn't get a very good response from them. Not sure why Dave thought we should dance in a restaurant, but we've tried it now and can definitely say it doesn't work...

The Bishops Finger

Great pub! Best crowd all night. Cheering along and clapping to the music. They were absolutely engrossed. That's the sort of place we should be dancing more often... This was MJs last pub of the tour so I let Neil dance as he'd be playing for the rest of the evening. Floor was apparently quite slippy to dance on and we had to clear ourselves a space, moving a big table of people out the way, but it was definitely worth it judging by the reaction we got.

A trendy bar nearby that I can't remember the name of either...

Good dance here, went well really. However, we still went down like a lead balloon. Well polished floor in here, very trendy too. Think people in trendy bars tend not to be interested in rapper... strange that...

The Rising Sun

Sam Smiths Pub. Quite a nice one too. Good little space to dance by the door. Although we got a little close to the bar towards the end and John managed to knock someones drink flying (turned out to be Clive's in the end) during the double tumble. Reasonably good crowd too.

The Hand And Shears

Apparently, we've never been able to dance in here before, but we were this time. Lovely pub, nice wooden floor throughout. Good dance, except for Dave landing right on the back of my ankle coming out of Granny Knot - ow!

Some sports club were having a private function in the room upstairs and invited us to dance up there too. We only discovered it was carpetted when we got up there, but did the dance anyway. That was until the landlord came up and asked us to stop because all the shelves above the bar downstairs were wobbling in time with us and the glass were beginning to fall off. Don't think he minded too much though, so don't think it will cause too many problems with going back there again.

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