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Dana Centre Again...

So went to the Dana Centre again on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Wednesday we had 3 scientists from Iceland discussing the various aspects of their geothermal power plants. They are currently working on a project drilling deeper which should increase the power supplied by 100x, which seems impressive. By the sounds of things as they have more energy there then they can use themselves they need to develop methods of storing and transporting the energy to sell to other nations. Providing clean energy source for countries without so much volcanic activity so close to the surface and taking away some of the dominance of the oil producing countries in terms of the worlds energy supplies.

Generally an interesting talk. However, it did seem one sided, would have liked to here someone anti-geothermal arguing about the problems involved and why we shouldn't use it. Oh well, maybe that will have to wait for another time...

Thursday was all about floodplain building. Discussing the pros and cons of it and how to deal with the issues of flooding if we do build on them. One interesting point raised was given that more residential accommodation needs to be built is it better for these floodplains to be redeveloped or would it be better to develop on the green belts and replace the equivalent amount of land with that from the floodplains. They cynic in me says that the latter would in theory be a nice idea, but would just end up with us developing on the floodplains again later and ending up with both...

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