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Library Books

So, have now sorted through the library books we have and classified them all (have a big pile of new donations to go through still though). Lots of standard books on wine as you'd expect and some more anecdotal ones (also as expected), plus a few unusual (for wants of a better word) ones.

Just found this little title in the library one friday:

Cocktails at Law
Kiamran Halil
A collection of learned and lighthearted fictitous court cases, each of which is "based" on a veritable cocktail recipe

Have enjoyed flicking through Hugh Johnson's Pop-Up Winebook and am facinated by the "guides" to wine snobbery.

Vin Rude an Alcholic Alphabet at Room Temperature by David Thorpe was also a bit of a surprise to find there. Am now wondering who got it for the trust and why? Oh well, I suppose it's a book and it's wine related, have filed it on the shelf under "art" as I'm sure it will keep some of the students entertained.

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