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Of Wrists and Watch Straps

So, yesterday I went into Croydon and got a new strap fitted on my watch.

Partially, because the buckle was falling apart on the old leather one, but also partially because it now seemed to be too large for my wrist, even on the smallest hole. The implication here is worrying me.

I wouldn't describe the rest of me as skinny, but my wrists always have been really. I used to scare people at school by being able to wrap my thumb and little finger round them with plenty of room to spare (admittedly that's partially due to my having long fingers).

There have been a number of times on the train into work I've looked at my hand holding onto the bars on the train and just been shocked by how small my wrists are (ie one false move and I might snap my hand off). They can't really be getting any smaller can they?

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