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My Turn To Witter On The Subject Then...

Following the numerous posts of robhu and naath on the subject, I think I'll post my views.

Before I say anything else, I will just say that I certainly don't agree with the Danish newspaper, but that along with all the discussion of legislating against incitement to racial/religious hatred has got me thinking a lot about it recently.

I remember two occasions a few years ago when Le Penn and Griffin both came and gave talks at the union in Cambridge and the protests that occured at the time amongst the students. At the time my thoughts on the subject were that however much I disagreed with there beliefs, it was there fundamental human right to be able to share these and that instead of protesting against this right those of us who had strong opinions in the other direction had the responsibility to voice these opinions instead.

I think the same applies very much here, I don't believe in censorship. Free speech is all or nothing, you can't have a half-way solution. Society can do some very evil things, if you taking away free speech you put us in danager of preventing people from speaking out against these.

The events surround the twin towers and the tube bombings, etc were clearly horrific. That doesn't however mean we have to be reactionary about them. Bad things happen, they always will, we just have to be careful that the publics desire for something to be done about them leads to a fundamentally wrong thing being done.

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