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Climate Change

As I said earlier, went to the Dana Centre for a talk on Climate Change. Was actually well balanced rather than some of the talks on this can be.

Was interested by the fact that the vast majority in the poll said it's more important to adapt to climate change than to minimise it. OK, even if it is inevitable, I still strongly disagree with you!

Human beings are insignificant in the whole grand scheme of things, there are other lives, etc on the planet too. Why do we always take priority? Is it just some inate selfishness within the species (as I suppose other species are too). Surely it must be our responsibility to minimise the damage we do to the ecosystem regardless of the effect it has on us as a population.

However, we all know that won't happen. What will happen is the richer 1st world nations will adapt easily, the poorer 3rd world nations will suffer greatly and the real loser will be the rest of the planet.

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