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Stealth Haircuts

Went to haircutting place yesterday and basically told them I had too much hair.

To this they produced something looking very much like a cut-throat razor and got rid of most of it.

Haven't had all the "you've had your haircut" comments from people who obviously think you haven't noticed, so perhaps I managed to hide it sufficiently. Must be a new stealth haircut.

They did put some horrible greasy gunk in my hair, which I only had the opportunity to wash out this morning. Do people really like using this stuff? Makes your hair feel so horrible, like some sort of bizarre cross between greasy kitchen fat and pva glue!

Having said that I won't now admit to having actually used hair gel when had much shorter hair when I was a teenager...


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29th Jan, 2006 20:41 (UTC)
I think everyone succumbed to the hair gel demon when they were a teenager, it kind of goes with the territory!

I Don't Do haircuts, personally, my hair is long enough to sit on (though I find it easier not to) and I'm keeping it that way :-)
29th Jan, 2006 20:51 (UTC)
I Don't Do haircuts

I know the concept, I was just beginning to look as if some sort of strange sheep had landed on my head, so decided I really should do something about it...

Still pretty much as long as it was beforehand though, which admittedly isn't that long. Being able to sit on it would be scarey, as it would involve a ridiculous amount of flexibility... ...then again you never know when that could come in useful...
29th Jan, 2006 21:16 (UTC)
"I was just beginning to look as if some sort of strange sheep had landed on my head,"

(mile wide grin...)
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