Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

Thrales Tour The Borough

So last night Thrales toured the Borough. Was a good evening. We had 7 dancers, but Andy K didn't want to dance due to attacking himself with a saw on Neil's roof earlier in the Day. Which meant we were only doubled up on number 4 (Neil and I), however we took turns between us for spots for that.

The Mudlark

Quaint little pub with wooden beam all over the place. Beer was quite good (MJ told me it had be awful last time we danced there. However, it was much improved now :-) ). Nice wooden floor. Neil started off as number 4, so I wasn't in this one. Good starting dance if a little sedate, but things livened up later in the evening.

The Wheatsheaf

Really enjoyed it last time we danced here. Arrived to find a stretched limo outside the pub. Had to ask both the landlord and the person in charge of the private party before we could dance and really annoyed the people playing darts when we did. Dance went quite well though and got a good reception as we always do here.

The Bunch of Grapes

Have been here several times with people from work. Not a bad pub even if the food's crap! Beers not bad (Youngs). Good wooden floor and large open space to dance in. Wasn't in this one again (as I said Neil and I were taking turns). It went quite well and the audience were quite appreciative.

The Southwark Tavern

Last time we were here I was we did two spots and I was in the one downstairs where there's really low head clearance. This time I got to dance upstairs in the main bar. Good wooden floor if a little well polished! Very slippy! Dance went well though.

The George

We did two dances here, one in the main bar and one in the other bar. I was in the later. The dance was awful, but the audience loved us. Not a lot of clearance between my head and the light. Having decided I generally prefered my head I proceeded to continually bash the light with the swords... Andy called both Mary-Ann and Cramper neither of which I really knew (did remember that all I had to do was follow Pete in Mary-Ann and hope he didn't go wrong which worked and just screamed "what?!?!" to cramper and was told to stand where I was).

The Royal Oak

Finished up at the Royal Oak, which is a lovely pub. Nice range of beers. Neil and I tossed a coin to see who would dance. I lost, but somehow still managed to end up dancing :-) Dance went well here, not so much of an audience, but was a nice way to round off the evening.

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