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A Theory....

Having looked a the buffet after the end of the dancing today, Terry, Lisa and I all noticed that it was mainly pastry stuff and similar (ie pasties, spring roles, samosas, etc) with no indication of the contents or whether it was veggie or not (mainly not I discovered having broken a few of them open to look inside and then feeding them to the nearest carnivore).

Anyway, this is such a common occurance that we came up with this theory, that it must be because vegetarians have a natural ability to detect meat within a radius of several million miles, through brick walls and everything!

However, as we've all been caught out by meat being hidden under cheese (on pizzas, etc), that's obviously where the limitation of these powers lies.

Emma suggested we should use these powers to take over the world, but we came to the conclusion that it was obviously the cheese thing that was stopping us from doing so...
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