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Molly with Ouse Washes

Gogs went to dance with Ouse Washes today for the Mark Jones memorial day of dance.

Was a good day, with lots of other sides there too. That did however mean we didn't get to do that many dances, which was a shame, but then you can't have everything and I think it was probably nicer to have all the sides there.

Did seem to always be the last one to be asked to be in any particular dance (ie Rachel asking the people standing around me if they want to be in it, wondering off asking several other members of the side and then finally coming back to me). Felt a bit more like a spare part rather than a member of the side (I don't want to push myself forward for dancing in case it make things worse, so I guess it's just a matter of waiting). I guess it's just Rachel being uncomfortable approaching me to be in the set and that given time it will all be alright. Hope it doesn't take too long though, makes dancing with Gogs very awkward.

All the same, was a fun day. Finally got Hamish's fleece back to him (having been left in Sheffield in October, coming down to London in early December and sitting in my flat since then).

and can now also finally put a face to the new David in the side, who seems nice.

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