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Cognative Enhancing Drugs

Went back to the Dana Centre this evening for a play followed by a debate on Cognative Enhancing Drugs.

Do we want pills that make us remember things better?
If there was someone next to you offering you one for free would you take it?

Also if they were Pills developed that would aid memory how should they be distributed:
- Open for everyone to buy?
- Only available on prescription? or with certain other limits?
- Only for people with Alzheimers, etc?

Obviously at the moment we have drugs like Ritolin which we happily feed to all the people we accuse of having ADHD to make them normal. Scarey thing being the number of American children that get diagnosed and hence treated...

If they were available would we need drugs tests before exams? After all these would be the cognative equivalent of steroids.

I must admit I find it worrying how much we rely on drugs as a culture. Who knows what side effects may materialise in the future from such a drug (which we may not know about at first)?

Even with Alzheimers, surely once the damage is done, it's done. Even if you repair the brains memory functions you won't be able to get those memories back. In which case the "fixed" person would be an entirely different one to the one before alzheimers set in.

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