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Just got back from the Wassail we were invited to by Hunters Moon down in Upper Dicker near Eastbourne.

Was great fun, seems like ages since I last danced out with the hunt.

Dancing went well, and any issues weren't major enough to attract too much of the audiences attention. Chalice Well there wasn't really any mistakes in (none that I notice a least), however something felt a little uncomfortable about it while we were dancing, not sure why though.

Herne's Oak, had two beginners in the set so we had to compensate for the fact they weren't confident with where they were going and were a little slow to get back at the end of the figures. However, the really odd thing was the final reel, which for some reason seemed to keep changing orientation, have no idea how or why that happened.

We finished off with a mass Thor's Hammer with Mythago which went amazingly well. Especially so as Dave somehow ended up in one of the sets having never learnt it before and still managing to pull it off.

Other sides there were Hunters Moon, Mythago and Wolfshead and Vixen

Hadn't seen Hunters Moon or Wolfshead and Vixen before. Was particularly impressed with the choreography of Vixen, they were just together and it looked amazing!

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