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Unmasked and unpurpled...

Back from Wallingford. Not a bad festival.


Good ceilidh on Saturday. Tarrantella certainly have the energy that was lacking with the previous night. The Bismarks are certainly a good band, but they are a little too lacking in energy for my liking (very bouncy though...).

Spent the whole weekend tarting between Gogs and the Hunt, so numerous kit changes. Think I must be mad...

6 spots on Saturday and 8 yesterday, plus the ceilidh spot on Saturday night, so am now shattered...

Attempted to dance one of Gogs dances with my Wild Hunt mask on, but Dave quickly swapped it for his hat, then mine. Then someone swapped it for another and then another.... ...was quite fun.

Wild Hunt have now decided to call me their pet pixie... ...not really sure what to think about that...

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