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New Year's Day

Stayed in Cambridge after the ceilidh on New Year's Eve, mainly for Adam & Ruth's housewarming the following evening.

Went for a walk in the afternoon on New Year's Day, from Newmarket Road went to Stourbridge common and followed the river round to Magdalene, then went down Northampton Street and along the backs. Met up with the river again at the Mill and followed it across the meadows to Granchester. Then headed back to Newmarket Road, via trumpingdon, Long Road, Hills Road around the back streets to Coleridge Road and then cut across to Coldham's Lane and cross the common there. Was a little further then I was intended to go, but was quite nice.

Arrived back at Andrew & Emma's just in time to head over to the party.

Was good to see everyone in a more social setting (ie not on performance) as opportunities to do so seem much rarer since moving away. Did descend into dancing around the living room as these parties generally tend to.

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