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New Year

Ceilidh was good on New Years Eve. Our performance spot was quite early on in the evening, so we were free to enjoy the rest of the ceilidh afterwards without worrying about it.

We were also able to arrive early and practice together before the doors opened. Think the organisers were impressed that we were serious enough to do so, which was good. It was necessary, however, as 12 Maggots fell apart a couple of times during the practice and also Naomi had only learnt Mitcham's Corner on Tuesday (and I was doing it from a completely new position having not practiced it there before).

In the end we did four dances

12 Maggots, 2 sets of Fenland Safari, Green Fingers and 2 sets of Mitcham's Corner.

I was in 3 of the 4 dances, all except Green Fingers (not sure why I tend not to be put in Green Fingers when we use it for performance spots, imagine it's to do with being tall and height matching difficulties, which is a shame as it's one I quite enjoy).

The spot itself went really well, even if the floor was a little slippery.

The floor in Hitchin Town Hall was lovely to dance on in spite of this though (especially for the ceilidh) as it was a nice sprung floor with four trapdoors where the tension on the floor could be adjusted. It had been completely slackened off for the ceilidh and was like dancing on a wooden trampolene...


Dave Holland [org.uk]
2nd Jan, 2006 23:55 (UTC)
Oh, that floor. I wondered why it was bouncing up and down so much. I never realised you could adjust a sprung floor.

Did you see the fire door in the basement flapping back and forth from the air movement due to the floor moving?
3rd Jan, 2006 18:45 (UTC)
I don't generally know much about sprung floors, but Andrew went and investigated and they showed him the trapdoors where you adjust it.

How could any of us have missed the fire door?!

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