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The Ceilidh Project

(Cross-posted to hmmm_tea, trad_folk, folkuk)

Just saw this posted on eceilidh and it seems such a good idea I thought I'd share it with everyone to help publicise...

Friday 3 February 2006 at the Synergy Project

Synergy Project is a conscious awareness raising club event in SE1, London Bridge. More can be found at http://www.thesynergyproject.org/

As an attempt to bring Ceilidh to the masses (instead of the usual approach; masses to the Ceilidhs).

I have lined up an evening of top class Ceilidh action interspersed with live bands and DJ's and called it `The Ceilidh Project'.

10:00-12:00 The Committee Band

A whopping 10 piece `wall of sound' that will lead you in a ground breaking ceilidh workshop.

12:00-01:00 Dark Angel

Global Roots and Jazz to keep you on the boil.

01:00-03:00 Boka Halat

A unique fusion of African drumming and English tunes that will guide you through an improvised dance workshop using all the ceilidh moves.

03:00-04:30 Mudra

Wind down with deep chill with a hint of eastern European flavour.

04:30-06:00 Moredekkers

Foot stomping folk with a twist of drum and base, just come and free style!

06:00-08:00 Folkus

Eclectic mix of funky folk from the British isles and beyond.


A debut for Duolu who have created beautiful artwork inspired by our workshops.

The Synergy Project is a growing source of creative and energetic young people looking for something a bit extra.... and this could be it!

Come and show them how much fun a Ceilidh can be! This is an opportunity too good to miss!

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