Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

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Committee Band!!!

Just got back from the committee band at C#.

Speaking to MJ before hand apparently the sound guy had a car accident on the way there. He's fine, but it just meant he didn't make it and didn't bring the piece of sound equipment he had with him, which meant the sound cut out on a couple of the dances.

Still fun though.

Got asked to dance by a complete stranger, which is always exciting as only happens rarely.

Met new molly, seems nice, if a bit quiet. Fun to dance with although she scarily doesn't appear to weigh anything. Spins went round really fast as a result though...

Another complete stranger said to me "you're the guy who does the mean baskets" in one of the dances. Am now wondering what a mean basket is. Perhaps it's one that steals all your eggs?

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