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Owen in a charity shop syndrome attacks again...

Have now realised that Croydon is in fact only 30 minutes walk from home, so don't actually need to catch the bus/tram...

It was only by walking that I found Save the Children, of course the lure of the charity shop was too much and I had to go in. Came out with a Rubik's game (will have to do a google search to find the rules later - I'm not sure what it is about Rubik's games, but the last one I bought from a charity shop didn't have rules either).

Of course I got attacked by the Owen in a charity shop syndrome. i.e. oooh, that looks exciting and it's only £2.50 I'll have to get it. Now all I have to do is figure out what it is...

Well I suppose actually it was fairly obvious what it had to be for.

Brandy glass held at an angle and a metal pot beneath it (with a lid on a chain that sits on top of it).

Clearly must be a brandy warmer and I guess the pot is probably an oil burner to create the heat. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get it working again...
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