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Mabel Day

Just got back from dancing with Thrales at Mabel Gubbins day of dance. Nice rapper tour of Oxford with

  • East Saxon

  • Northgate Rapper

  • Saint Monday

  • t.b.c. (because they didn't have a name)

  • Whip the Cat

The Goose At Gloucester Green

Obviously chosen as the first pub due to it's proximity to the bus station. Fairly modern feel inside, very spacious (apart from the pillars). All the sides were at the first two pubs. We wanted to get a good first dance in to set our standard for the rest of the afternoon. It went really well, no tumble as Malcolm was being 3 (we had no Clive or Jon, we did do 2 tumbles with Dave later in the afternoon with mixed success...), but we all came out feeling quite pleased with the dance.

Far From The Madding Crowd

A pub with character, very wooden (refering to the material the pub was made from rather than the atmosphere). Much more tradional feel then the Goose. Nice sandwiches too and a good range of beer. Dance went wrong when Andy called "tumble" when he was meaning "spin", we managed to keep dancing a pull it back again though.

After that we split up into pairs of teams for a few pubs, so the next few were just us and Whip the Cat.

The Royal Blenheim (I think it was that one)

Lino floor and wobbly tables, with a step up to a raised wooden area. Bar man didn't seem to be expecting us even though it had be arranged in advance. Wasn't in the dance for this one.

Old Tom

A long thin pub with nice wooden floor. The dance went quite well, except the tumble (although it wasn't really noticably wrong) were I turned the wrong way into place (resulting in the wrong sword on top). Felt less comfortable then it should have, but I couldn't see anything wrong with it myself so didn't correct it (having long arms helped).

The Lamb And Flag

A spacious pub with a traditional feel, had a raised area to one end. Dance went well and there's not much more to say about that one.

We then met up with all the other teams for the final round of dancing in...

The Kings Arms

Huge Young's pub, with a traditional feel and wood floor... ...and they fed us too, which makes them even better. Had noticed that Whip the Cat dance with bear middrifts during our little tour with them, so much to the horror of the crowd in the pub we decided to follow suit and tied our shirts up to expose ours. Dance was clunky, but ok.

In general we seemed to dance ok, but we weren't great. Definitely weren't as good as we can be, which was disappointing.

Whip the Cat, were certainly very impressive when we were touring with them.

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