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Just got back from Cruxfest at Cecil Sharp House - a day long event to celebrate the launch of Crucibles new album Crux.

Started with a session which I missed.

Followed by a concert with:

  • Jim Causley - ok singer and accordianist. Could both sing and play well. There didn't seem to be much innovation in what he did though, so to me it seem a bit boring and the same as lots of others have done.

  • Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer - really good pair, very talented. Vicki's pipes (Scottish Smallpipes) were particularly well played. Was tempted to get their CD, but got crucibles instead (and decided I couldn't really afford more than one....

  • Crucible - wow, I knew they were all talented from having seen Hekety and Jabadaw, but get them together and they're just amazing. Have Crux and have a feeling I shall be listening to it again and again and again...

Followed by a ceilidh with the Gloworms.

Really amazing, one of the best ceilidhs I've been to in a long while. It had energy levels to rival some of the best IVFDF ceilidhs and the crowd were a good mix of both beginners and experienced dancers so you got a good mix and didn't feel as if you were on one or other extreme...

Music excellant and the dances were all generally well called. Cat Kelly has stage presence to rival Martyn Harvey (which is saying something!). The obvious result being more enthusiasm in the dancers.

Morris offspring did the interval spot, without any bells or hankies as they weren't able to find them in the back of the car apparently. Strange thing was that I recognised one of the musicians playing for this (Robert Harbron) as someone I went to school with, in fact I was in his sisters year - small world!

At one point when I was dancing with Jess from crucible she went to thank Tim (of Chiltern Hundreds - at least that's where I recognise him from) for handing out all the flyers I've been taking around London. To release that he wasn't Owen and I was, she then spent the rest walk through digging herself deeper and deeper. The dance eventually came along and rescued her though...

Am going to be buzzing from that ceilidh for a while, I can just feel it...

One Final Note: According to Jonny Dyer - "The people of Rotherham have lots of small things they're very proud of"*

* although he did admit the connotations there were entirely accidental...

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