Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

Thrales With Longer Swords

Pete brought Stevenage's swords along to Thrales practice tonight, so we could try the longer swords (about an inch) and see how it felt.

OK, I've not been doing it for long, but the longer swords did make the set feel significantly looser. It did however make it easier to force the other swords up over my head (a problem I've particularly noticed before...). Would prefer to work harder at keeping the swords up and have the tighter set though (especially for the spins, etc).

A couple of members of the side were mentioning to me that I would be good as number 3, once I'm up to speed as that's the natural place for the person with the most extreme height (in either direction) as they're the one that's not acting in a pair for many of the figures. That would probably involve tumbling though (eek!)...

They also mentioned that I might be dancing in competition this year (scarey thought) if things gor really well, but it would take a lot of work...

In other news another couple of members of the side have bought a chapel in Cornwall, because it was cheap. I asked them what they were planning to do with it, but they haven't worked that out yet...

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