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Round Ceilidh/Molly Practice

Went up to Cambridge over the weekend mainly to practice with Gogs, but went to the Round ceilidh and poohsoc whilst I was up there.

Poohsoc seems to have turned overly serious (or perhaps I caught it at an overly serious week), which was fairly scarey...
..but still tea and cake :-)

The ceilidh was good also. The best I've heard the Round Band playing for a while. I think it probably benefitted from being shrunk that little bit.

During one dance, atreic asked me "you are the guy with all the cabbages?" which really confused the girl standing next to her. Why is confusing strangers so much fun (especially when it's so easy...).

Molly practice went well, now have a good idea what I'm doing on new year. Also now know Idiot's Delight (yeh, full repertoir :) ), admittedly I already knew most of it and just had to glue it all together, but that's now done...

12 maggots with 6 ghosts was fun (admittedly it didn't make it much different Russell Wortley's until the last figure when half the tiller line was missing...).

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