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17th Feb, 2011 05:33 (UTC)
17th Feb, 2011 09:30 (UTC)
That's fantastic! I always make sure to bag my dogs' poo. Don't understand how there can be people who don't.

(Off-topic: will you be at IVFDF next weekend?)
17th Feb, 2011 17:36 (UTC)
will you be at IVFDF next weekend?

Absolutely! Never miss it (...except the year I did)

Hobnails and all (quite exciting - second dance out with Seven Champs, which seems to include the Saturday night ceilidh spot apparently)
17th Feb, 2011 18:18 (UTC)
Awesome! I'm incredibly excited about it. Just need to survive our ball this weekend, sigh.

A lot of the things I'm thinking about aren't really dancing oriented, funnily enough - I'm considering the massage session and the writing dances workshop more than anything else. I may just end up going to whatever my friends are going to. Glasgow Uni's got like 17 people coming down, which I'm really proud about!
18th Feb, 2011 18:18 (UTC)
I seem to have lined up 2 ceilidhs, an all day rapper practice, a rapper workshop, molly and cotswold practices and possibly a rapper tour between now and then, so not sure what state I'll be in.

Nice to be part of a good sized contingent. You'll have to volunteer to host 2013 with that number!
19th Feb, 2011 15:57 (UTC)
How are there enough days left for you to be doing all those things between now and Friday?! If it was me, I'd end up falling asleep on the floor of the first ceilidh (my stamina is not so good).

Although it's not my call to make, since I'll probably have left Glasgow by then (graduating June 2012). But considering how much of a hassle SUSCDF and our regular annual ball is to plan.... no. Never doing IVFDF.
20th Feb, 2011 23:34 (UTC)
How are there enough days left for you to be doing all those things between now and Friday?!

Went to the Knees up Cecil Sharp Ceilidh in Camden on Friday.

Was going to go to the Meltdown Ceilidh in Heywards Heath yesterday, but then decided I probably didn't have enough money to be that excessive, especially given I get a whole weekend of ceilidhs next weekend.

Thrales had an all day practice today ready for DERT and I've got to teach a rapper workshop we're running tomorrow evening.

Tuesday evening is Champs practice. May not happen by the sounds of things now, but if it doesn't I'll probably end up going to Smiffs instead.

Thrales were talking about doing a tour Wednesday, but we're not now.

If I'm packed in time I'll probably head over to Blackheath practice Thursday.

Which then takes me up to IVFDF...

21st Feb, 2011 08:07 (UTC)
Busy week! Seems like it might be calmer than it would have been, though. That's a LOT of dancing! :D

SUSCDF - Scottish Universities Scottish Country Dance Festival. It kicks off the season for the unis up here in December, and is the one ball of the year that *everyone* goes to. It's hosted by a different uni each year, and we all do a demonstration at it.

It's supposed to be the one ball that it's impossible to lose money on, except it's in December, so this year no one was able to come to Glasgow (allegedly - Paul made it down from the Shetlands, but only three people came from Edinburgh!) and we lost about £500.
17th Feb, 2011 18:09 (UTC)
Hahaha, that's great!!!
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