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Danish Balkan Traditional Electronic Hip-Hop Folk Jazz

Sunday morning... must be time for some contemporary Danish folk music. Luckily I recently got hold of a copy of Analogik's 2008 album "Søens Folk".

For those that aren't familiar with Analogik they play traditional music (particularly Balkan) with an electronic twist and clear hip-hop influences. It's generally the sort of music you should really do a Cossack break dance to.

Hard to get bored here, each track is radically different from the next and highly eccentric.

The album starts off sounding fairly traditional with Russisk Vuggevise (Russian Lullaby according to Google Translate), with minimal electronics, but complete with all the necessary "Hey Hey"s. They then launch the electronics at you in force in God Russisk (Good Russian) with it's wonderful oom-pa baseline, before slowing it down with Forbudt Sprut (Forbidden Booze) where the hip-hop influences start to really come to the fore giving a sound something like you might expect if you crossed the old style ballroom with the kia-ora advert. So it goes on for track after track, with each sounding almost like an entirely different band.

Other highlights include Ond Mand March (Evil Man March) which sounds exactly like the name implies, Godmorgen (Good morning) which capture that mechanic "I'm not really awake yet feeling" with added breakfast sound effects and Farligt Monster (Dangerous Monster) which for a few moments at the beginning sounds like it's going to launch into the theme from the littlest hobo, but then you're suddenly rescued by the other instruments and it starts to morphs into a blend of traditional folk and record scratching.

The whole album is available on bandcamp, but here's a couple of samples:

God Russik -

(Direct link)

Farligt Monster -

(Direct link)
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