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Michael Gove wants baccalaureate qualification for England

The "English bac" would not replace GCSEs, but would be a certificate to reward pupils who pass at least five of the exams, at grade C or above, including English, maths, one science, one foreign language and one humanity. "If you get five GCSEs in those areas, I think you should be entitled to special recognition," Gove said.

So, what's the point of that then? What will it achieve?

When I was choosing my GCSEs, I had to do Maths, Science, English, a Foreign Language and a Humanity, everyone in the school did. A quick check on the Directgov website confirms it still works like that.

Having got those at grade C or above, I can easily tell people I've got them, and I have the GCSE certificates to prove it, so why would I need another piece of paper?

I'm all in favour of Baccalaureate style qualifications, but this seems to miss the point somewhat.


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7th Sep, 2010 21:40 (UTC)
Note that none of Gove's wadical new ideas actually involves more money.

It's a series of press releases trying to take away from the fact that school budgets are going to collapse etc. If you ask me.
7th Sep, 2010 22:11 (UTC)
I think they're also offering it in place of the Diploma to make it look like they are replacing it with something equivalent (although it isn't by a long shot) to avoid any accusations of being against the idea of giving children a broad education.
8th Sep, 2010 00:05 (UTC)
Gove, The Ivory Tower Dipshit
Gove is a thick Tory toff dipshit who's out of touch with every single part of Britain and British culture, and is desperate not to get the chop in the next review.
(Deleted comment)
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