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Michael Gove wants baccalaureate qualification for England

The "English bac" would not replace GCSEs, but would be a certificate to reward pupils who pass at least five of the exams, at grade C or above, including English, maths, one science, one foreign language and one humanity. "If you get five GCSEs in those areas, I think you should be entitled to special recognition," Gove said.

So, what's the point of that then? What will it achieve?

When I was choosing my GCSEs, I had to do Maths, Science, English, a Foreign Language and a Humanity, everyone in the school did. A quick check on the Directgov website confirms it still works like that.

Having got those at grade C or above, I can easily tell people I've got them, and I have the GCSE certificates to prove it, so why would I need another piece of paper?

I'm all in favour of Baccalaureate style qualifications, but this seems to miss the point somewhat.


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7th Sep, 2010 21:40 (UTC)
Note that none of Gove's wadical new ideas actually involves more money.

It's a series of press releases trying to take away from the fact that school budgets are going to collapse etc. If you ask me.
7th Sep, 2010 22:11 (UTC)
I think they're also offering it in place of the Diploma to make it look like they are replacing it with something equivalent (although it isn't by a long shot) to avoid any accusations of being against the idea of giving children a broad education.
8th Sep, 2010 00:05 (UTC)
Gove, The Ivory Tower Dipshit
Gove is a thick Tory toff dipshit who's out of touch with every single part of Britain and British culture, and is desperate not to get the chop in the next review.
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