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Twang and Click

Being at a folk festival with an injury playing up I suddenly found myself avoiding the dance workshops and heading to the music ones instead.

Having never really learnt anything musical (I've played around with the whistle and melodeon a bit and can get some vague tunes out of both, but that's about it), this was guaranteed to be interesting. As a result I've come away from Whitby with a Jew's Harp and 2 pairs of bones (being a vegetarian I obviously have wooden bones).

Anyway, just to make you all reach for your earplugs. Here's a recording of a group of us who'd been going along to the Wright families workshops at Whitby playing Jew's Harp in the final showcase at the end of the week:

(Direct Link)

Given it's a piece of music including me playing (although there were plenty of others to drown me out), it sounds surprisingly unbad.
Tags: festivals, folk, music

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