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The Emergence of the Jellyfish

I said I'd send this to morganmuffle, but as it's kind of cool, I'm going to share it with all of you.

In a small playground on Union St in the Borough something a little different has been taking place. Here the Oikos Project have been at work building this:

The Jellyfish Theatre, a theatre built entirely from recycled and reclaimed materials.

They've got 2 plays showing there this autumn as part of the project, both playing on the climate change theme.

Best of all, as just discovered looking at the site again, locals get to go free, which settles when I shall be going to see Protozoa. Shame I'm away on 28 August, will just have to find another time to see Oikos.
Tags: architecture, links, reduce reuse recycle, southwark & surrounding areas, theatre

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