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End Of Innovation At The BBC

It looks like it might be the end for BBC Radio 6Music, which is a shame given it's the only music station they've got that does anything a bit different or vaguely interesting. Where else can you switch on to hear someone playing a stalactite organ or something equally unusual?

OK, it's easy for me to criticise, given I don't have a TV license, so don't pay anything towards it, and it does seem a bit strange to have the majority paying for minority interest programming. However, surely part of the point of having the BBC is that it's not commercial, the license payers aren't customers, and it doesn't have to cater everything towards everyone?

With the work of the likes of John Peel, the BBC has a history of supporting innovation within modern music, and Radio 6 was a natural way to carry this forward into the modern era of millions of channels catering to all musical styles.

Alas, apparently this must now go as the BBC moves more towards Bland & Boring Commercialisation.
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