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Take Rage And Add Rhythm

Given all the euphoria regarding Rage Against the Machine in the run up to Christmas, I should probably I have got around to writing about this album sooner, but I didn't. The next album is Rage offshoot band Audioslave's third album "Revelations".

Audioslave was formed by the remaining members of Rage after vocalist Zack de la Rocha left the band. De la Rocha's place is taken by Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and it's clear that he must have in creative control in terms of the direct Audioslave moved in, as they sound more like Soundgarden with Rage influences than vice-versa. Lucky really, as I was never a big fan of Rage.

However, on listening to the album you would not be forgiven for mistaking the band for either of it's predecessors as it has a clear character of it's own. It's got far more aggressive punch than soundgarden and a sense of rhythm never attained in Rage. The rhythm especially gets central focus in a lot of the tracks with a lot of influence from R&B and funk. Morello's immensely powerful riffs get wah-wahed into another dimension.

The true highlights of this album have to be the tracks that show off Morello's innovative guitar work and Cornell's vocal range best, including "One and the Same" with it's wah-wah into heavy guitar explosion opening, "Sound of a Gun" which sounds almost like a conventional rock anthem until it hits the guitar solo and Morello just goes off into space and "Original Fire" which shows off the shear power of Cornell's voice while Morello's guitar appears to morph into Donald Duck.

The whole album's available on last.fm, but have a link to One and the Same.

All in all Morello wasn't too far wrong when he described the sound of this album as like "Led Zeppelin meets Earth, Wind and Fire". This is brilliantly inventive, it's a shame it didn't have the same commercial success as their earlier albums.
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