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Owen Barritt

Cor Blimey Guv'nor A Bear Made Out Of Straw

Whittlesey was fun with Tyler's yesterday. It was pretty much exactly the same levels of chaos as at the clock's tour in the autumn, but at a festival.

Luckily the council had conspired to make the festival just as chaotic by forgetting to shut the road.

It's just a shame the festival seems to have lost some of the magic it used to have when I first went, but then the whole atmosphere of the place has changed. Every other shop's now closed making it feel strangely skeletal.

The first time I visited the place would have been for my first dance out with Gogs in 2003 for St George's day, where we danced outside the George pub in the market square with a few other sides. Admittedly, every time I visited that pub, it was crap, but it was also the main focus of the market square and it's now been standing there boarded up for a few years. One of many desserted buildings in what should be one of the main focal points of the village. It's turned from a quaint village market square to utterly miserable desolation. Surely someone must be able to do something with those buildings, even if they're just turned into flats or something?

The festival itself also seems to be getting a bit too big for it's boots too, which is unfortunate. Rather than being this friendly little village festival, it seems to have become full of it's own self-importance. A number of people have mentioned to me about sides that have been banned from Whittlesey. What's all that about then? There was even one point during the day, where Red Leceister processed out of town saying they'd just been banned. No idea what they'd done.

All in all, it's still a good festival and it was fun to go there with Tylers', but it just seems the festival needs to just take itself a little less seriously again.

Highlights: (Tyler's are around 1 min in just after Gogs)

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(via Peel Productions)
Tags: border, festivals, folk, molly, morris, tours & dance outs

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